Mission: Contribute to the success of organizations by providing innovative, cost effective accounting solutions.

pz bio picGreetings, and welcome to my (mostly) professional web site.

A career spanning three decades in industry, service, finance and non-profit enterprises has provided me with broad knowledge and insight when it comes to real-world accounting. Getting the numbers down in an increasingly complex business world is often challenging, but that's only part of the battle. Communicating this information effectively is paramount.

Regardless of the outcome, the message associated with any financial picture must be clear, it must be consistent and it must be tailored to the audience, be it owners, executives, employees, auditors, bankers or outside parties. Communicating successfully is how one builds trust in this business, and I work hard to achieve that in every situation.

I specialize in creating tools which generate quality Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Statements of Cash Flows from information contained in a company's trial balance. These Excel based financial reporting packages are designed with ease of use and maintainability in mind. Value is provided by being able to tailor a financial reporting solution to a client's specific requirements, without disrupting any current systems.

If you are a business owner or other stakeholder, I encourage you to invest some time and effort, if need be, in getting to know the underpinnings of your accounting and reporting systems. Many times, the companies I see have good to excellent systems in place. However, there's usually room for improvement and, as we all know, the status quo can change quickly. It's an unfortunate fact that too many organizations still struggle with reporting headaches and/or incomplete financial pictures month after month.

If you suspect your accounting system needs a Tune-Up, contact me to arrange a complimentary get-acquainted consultation.

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