In addition to an often time consuming work schedule and busy family life, I have a history of assisting various local non-profit groups with their accounting needs. As a CPA, it's one small way I can give back to organizations which have made a positive impact on my life and in today's society.

While being able to get accurate, useful information into the hands of various stakeholders is serious business, I maintain that the job is not as dull as the professional CPA image may imply. We all know that the words humorous and Accounting don't belong in the same sentence, but my Trial Balance Tamers web site will attempt to bring a smile to those of us who toil in the world of general ledgers.

Books aren't the only things that need balancing. Unicycling has also become a passion of mine.



Riding on one wheel is a blast. I learned to unicycle as an adult and it's a sport which helps people of all ages persist, improve balance, and overcome fear. It's fun riding around town with my friends in the Twin Cities Unicycle Club.

Teaching this skill to others is rewarding as well. You can see confidence levels increase as people figure out it's something they can do.

Thank you for visiting and don't forget to give a shout if you see us unicycling near you!